Honor Star – Medals of Honor for Survivors

The Honor Star is a medal of Honor, hung on a sterling  silver chain ,with a card, an adage in essence –

”You have survived an extraordinary circumstance, may this Medal of Honor be one of many Blessings you receive on your journey called Life.”

The Honor Star has the word Hero within the shape of a heart on the back of the pendant, for as we survive trauma it calls upon our very own courage inside. The front, an 8pt. star encompassing the whole space of the pendant’s circle, is suggesting of radiant energy.

This is a non military medal, to be gifted to one who has gone through a difficult situation. The gesture of receiving this gift says the receiver matters. There are so many ceremonious valid awards given to the military, actors, designers, artists, beauty pageants, athletes.

My Honor Star medal was developed for those impacted by hard, difficult experiences, to which they survived …..

This was written by me, a survivor of violence. I am the designer, so I know that when you lose the red carpet, the ceremony at the end of the day, you are at some point, left with yourself, and what you survived. Here is a gift to remind one of their courage. And again I say with the deepest sincerity, each person who receives this medal, is a “Hero” unto and within themselves, and, matter.  My hope is that this humanity+ product will shine upon all who receive it.

Always, Lori De